XAPT - industrielle Bildverarbeitung


Classical measuring technology and the
advantages of the compound eye.

XAPT - industrielle BildverarbeitungXAPT - industrielle Bildverarbeitung

Xapt XT-P Series

XT-P is a consistent further development of the XT-H series. It is able to find holes from a Diameter of 5µm. Additionally it is possible to detect edge cracks and the Strip width. Therefore it is not necessary to have a mechanical fastener or opening at the edge.

Xapt XT-U Series

The cutting edge system of the XT-series is the XAPT XT-U. It combines width measurement and hole and edge crack detection in one single system. The whole measurement data is processed into the system and transported via GigE to the end-user. Again, no PC is needed, all assembled in one alluminium bar.

Xapt XT-H Series

If holes are an issue in the stip, the XT-H-series of the Xapt GmbH is the system you should go with. A software indicates the hole location in machine and cross direction. Hole diameter and the hole shape factor are detected. Because of the minimum required installation space the XT-H-series can be integrated as a cost-effectively system into nearly ever existing plant. Like every other system of the Xapt GmbH the XT-H-series is assembled in a thin aluminium bar.

Xapt XT-W Series

The systems of the Xapt XT-W-series are created to measure the width of strips. The Xapt XT-series measures the width of strips and sheets with an incredibly measuring accuracy of +/- 0.1 mm. Neither the overall width nor the number of strips influcence the system – also with a stripwidth of 6 meters the measuring accuracy is still +/- 0.1 mm. Because of the unique arrangement of the sensors it is possible to measure multiple strips.

Xapt XT-MW series

The Xapt XT-MW series is constructed for the examination of strips, typical for slit and strip installations. The geometrical characteristics from up to 64 strips can be determined simultaneously with a high sampling rate. Using the operating principle of an optoelectronic light barrier, up to 34.000 light-sensitive sensors per meter bandwidth are aligned at the strip. A light source is installed at the reverse side of the strip, which is distinguished by its long lifetime and its minimal heat build-up. The optoelectronic sensors as well as the light source are enclosed in structurally identical aluminium hollow sections, which also function as substructure for the system to be assembled to the machine or facility component.


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