XAPT - industrielle Bildverarbeitung


Classical measuring technology and the
advantages of the compound eye.

XAPT - industrielle BildverarbeitungXAPT - industrielle Bildverarbeitung

xs ser2

Xapt XS Systems

The Xapt XS-Series is specified on the registration of faults on surfaces of strip or sheet material. Therefore a sensor bar and one or two light bars are placed above the strip as one compact module. Optionally it is possible to check the other side of the strip with another identical build up.

Overview XS series

xt ser2

Xapt XT Systems

The strip sensor systems of the XT-series are specialized on the registration of strip characteristics such as width, cracks, holes or the strip center position. Following the function principle of a transmitted light process the Xapt sensorbar is placed above and a lightsource underneath the strip. Nearly independent of the material it is possible to control any strip or sheet material opto-electronically and contactless.

Overview XT series

XC Serie IMS crp


The Xapt XC sensor systems are specially adapted for detecting the surface contour of strip and foil-shaped materials. The classical distance measurement approach of laser triangulation is combined with an innovative architecture of optoelectronic image sensors, which results in a continuous and non-contact analysis of profiles - approximately regardless of the material characteristics.

Overview XC series


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