XAPT - industrielle Bildverarbeitung


Classical measuring technology and the
advantages of the compound eye.

XAPT - industrielle BildverarbeitungXAPT - industrielle Bildverarbeitung

XL 11 2015As a counterpart for multi-line camera application Xapt GmbH presents the Eye-sect XL. Similar to the compound eye which has different forms in nature as well, Eye-sect XL was adapted exactly to the form of line applications such as belt product or webbed material applications. The sensors are arranged linearly in a 20 mm raster and can be cascaded at any number with another.

The modular concept allows the user to adapt the camera to every application. For the user Eye-sect XL works like a single camera. Just one trigger-signal is needed an Eye-sect XL delivers the perfect line – it does not matter how long Eye-sect XL was configured. So Eye-sect XL is the longest camera of the world and ideal for path and line applications. Eye-sect XL is characterized by a simple integration and commissioning at a high performance and with technological advantages which no image processor should miss.

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